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Sahar Boloorchi - Architect, Designer, Artist 

Sahar Boloorchi is the founder, CEO, and Creative force behind the multi-disciplinary Simple Squared studio. She is a creative designer with extensive portfolio of Residential, mixed-use, and commercial design projects in the USA. Her portfolio includes Single family homes & additions, multi-family and mixed-use apartments and high-rises . She is a visionary artist who has proven over and over again her ability to create and implement innovative ideas no matter the constraints.

After 12 years of experience climbing the corporate ladder and working for some of the most successful companies in Los Angeles, She started Simple Squared in 2018.

Her gift is bringing out the best in creative projects and adventurous clients.

She holds a Masters and a Bachelor degree in Architecture and color psychology from University of Southern California.

Architecture & Interiors:

She is a powerhouse designer with an unrivaled passion for crafting transformative spaces utilizing her expertise in interior design and architecture. Sahar's determined leadership and design influence continues to shape projects that exude a sense of Cohesiveness, Warmth, and Elegance.


Sahar's approach seeks to express art, function, and tells a story in every detail woven with strong intuition and discipline.

Her active listening skills enable her to build strong client relations and deliver clean projects that are easy for the clients to love and find comfort in.


The combination of her culturally diverse knowledge of architecture, textures, finishes as well as lighting and color psychology reflected in the spatial design and curated elements tells a story that invigorate the mind and calms the mood.

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Art :

As an American-Iranian artist, Sahar experienced life growing up in two different parts of the world with very different cultures and points of view. As a result, art has been her only constant and source of expression in her life. Her creations help her celebrate her highs and mourn her lows.

Female empowerment, self-love, and passion for others are her universal inspiration. However, her art is meant to provoke a light and a movement within the observer whatever that may be.


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