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He had a specific image in mind.

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

"Summerlin" | Las Vegas

This project was an opportunity to take his specific vision and bring it to life through intentional interior design and materials curation.

When you visualize, then you materialize. - Dennis Waitley

Partnering with the client and their builder, we were able to create a beautiful large spacious house/layout the client worked it with us and the builders.

The color palette and keeping the place light but more masculine was very important to him. The color blue was requested as part of the palette. Choice of eclectic tiles, décor and art was part of making the house special for him which made the process more fun for us.

At Simple Squared, we believe that simple solutions are the key to elegant, yet, provoking special creations. As a multi-disciplinary team dedicated to bettering the environment, we provide sustainable design solutions. Our design process provides the creative space for a client to participate in the decision making process, ensuring that your space is you.

Do you have a vision for your space? Schedule a consultation to bring it to life.

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